Car,Wheel,Steering,Steeri,Car,Automotive , Interior Accessories,$25,/Bhowani1637397.html,,Cover,,Disposable,100/500Pcs,Truck $25 100/500Pcs Disposable Car Steering Wheel Cover, Truck Car Steeri Automotive Interior Accessories $25 100/500Pcs Disposable Car Steering Wheel Cover, Truck Car Steeri Automotive Interior Accessories 100 500Pcs Disposable Car Steering Ranking TOP6 Cover Wheel Truck Steeri 100 500Pcs Disposable Car Steering Ranking TOP6 Cover Wheel Truck Steeri Car,Wheel,Steering,Steeri,Car,Automotive , Interior Accessories,$25,/Bhowani1637397.html,,Cover,,Disposable,100/500Pcs,Truck

100 500Pcs Disposable Car Steering Ranking TOP6 Cover Wheel Cheap sale Truck Steeri

100/500Pcs Disposable Car Steering Wheel Cover, Truck Car Steeri


100/500Pcs Disposable Car Steering Wheel Cover, Truck Car Steeri

Product description

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Product name: steering wheel cover
Material:Plastic material
width: 10 cm / 3.9 inches
Adjust steering wheel diameter: less than 40 cm
Package content:elastic steering wheel cover both sides fits the car steering wheel less than 40 cm in diameter.
Light color
Packing list:100pcs steering wheel covers

100/500Pcs Disposable Car Steering Wheel Cover, Truck Car Steeri


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