Tree,Tree,Tall,Full,Centerp,Table,30cm,Christmas,,Mini,Xmas,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,$516,Green,/Hegelian1525177.html $516 Christmas Tree Full Xmas Tree 30cm Tall Green Mini Table Centerp Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor Fashion Christmas Tree Full Xmas 30cm Table Centerp Tall Green Mini $516 Christmas Tree Full Xmas Tree 30cm Tall Green Mini Table Centerp Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor Tree,Tree,Tall,Full,Centerp,Table,30cm,Christmas,,Mini,Xmas,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,$516,Green,/Hegelian1525177.html Fashion Christmas Tree Full Xmas 30cm Table Centerp Tall Green Mini

Fashion Christmas Tree Full Xmas 30cm Table Centerp Tall Ranking TOP13 Green Mini

Christmas Tree Full Xmas Tree 30cm Tall Green Mini Table Centerp


Christmas Tree Full Xmas Tree 30cm Tall Green Mini Table Centerp

Product description

Amazing Wauvke tree, easy to assemble just make sure to spread out all the branches which may take some time but its definitely worth it. Great value for the price!
Material Of Branch: Pvc
Material Of Stand: Metal

Package Included:
1 X Christmas Tree
1 X Bracket

Please be careful:
1. The size chart is a manual measurement of the actual product, and there is an error within 1-2CM.
2. Due to the difference of the screen due to the light, the color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures.
1.Please allow 1-3cm as the error range for manual measurement.
2.The color display will make a little difference due to the different monitor and light, thanks for your understanding!

Christmas Tree Full Xmas Tree 30cm Tall Green Mini Table Centerp

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