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New Max 70% OFF life WEIJINGRIHUA Screen Magnifier for Phone HD 3D Smartphone

WEIJINGRIHUA Screen Magnifier for Smartphone HD 3D Phone Screen


WEIJINGRIHUA Screen Magnifier for Smartphone HD 3D Phone Screen

Product description

12" HD Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier Projector Screen for Movies, Videos, and Gaming.


1.Made of High-quality ABS plastic + ultra-clear lens, our screen magnifiers are incredibly durable.

2.No battery or power supply is needed, economical and practical. You can use it with confidence and will not generate any bills.

3.Comfortable, the screen amplifier will relieve fatigue from your eyes, and will let you enjoy incredibly comfortable viewing.

4.Widely compatible, the screen amplifiers compatible with most smartphone.


Function: zoom, eye protection, radiation protection, bracket

Color: black

Magnifier Size: 12 inch

Material: ABS plastic lens

1x Mobile phone screen magnifier
If you have any questions about mobile phone screen magnifiers, you can contact us at any time, we are very happy to serve you, and your satisfaction is our greatest happiness.

WEIJINGRIHUA Screen Magnifier for Smartphone HD 3D Phone Screen

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