$22 Gas Lens Nozzle Kit, Easy To Replace One‑Piece Design TIG Torc Electronics Computers Accessories Gas Lens Nozzle Kit Easy To Replace TIG Torc 1 year warranty Design One‑Piece $22 Gas Lens Nozzle Kit, Easy To Replace One‑Piece Design TIG Torc Electronics Computers Accessories Gas Lens Nozzle Kit Easy To Replace TIG Torc 1 year warranty Design One‑Piece $22,Kit,,Torc,Easy,Lens,One‑Piece,Replace,Nozzle,To,Gas,TIG,Design,Electronics , Computers Accessories,/Hegelian1637377.html,grupoefo.com $22,Kit,,Torc,Easy,Lens,One‑Piece,Replace,Nozzle,To,Gas,TIG,Design,Electronics , Computers Accessories,/Hegelian1637377.html,grupoefo.com

Gas Lens Nozzle Kit Easy To Replace TIG Torc 1 year warranty Design Ranking TOP7 One‑Piece

Gas Lens Nozzle Kit, Easy To Replace One‑Piece Design TIG Torc


Gas Lens Nozzle Kit, Easy To Replace One‑Piece Design TIG Torc

Product description


1. This glass gas mirror helps uniform welding airflow and helps improve welding quality.
2. The glass nozzle is light and small, easy to replace and easy to store.
3. Glass nozzle adopts one‑piece design, and the exterioris glossy and burr‑free.
4. The glass material is corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant and high-temperature resistant, increasing the service life.
5. Designed for accuracy welding and fine engineering, and used with welding tools.


Item Type: Glass Torche Ring
Material: Glass + Brass

Package List:

1 x Glass Torche

Gas Lens Nozzle Kit, Easy To Replace One‑Piece Design TIG Torc

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