CJCSM Ice Bucket Thick Champagne Buc Stainless Steel specialty shop Bucket,Bucket,,Buc,/Lonchocarpus1525206.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Steel,Thick,grupoefo.com,Champagne,Stainless,CJCSM,Ice,Ice,$24 $24 CJCSM Ice Bucket, Thick Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Champagne Buc Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Bucket,Bucket,,Buc,/Lonchocarpus1525206.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Steel,Thick,grupoefo.com,Champagne,Stainless,CJCSM,Ice,Ice,$24 $24 CJCSM Ice Bucket, Thick Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Champagne Buc Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining CJCSM Ice Bucket Thick Champagne Buc Stainless Steel specialty shop

CJCSM Ice Bucket Thick Champagne Buc Surprise price Stainless Steel specialty shop

CJCSM Ice Bucket, Thick Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Champagne Buc


CJCSM Ice Bucket, Thick Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Champagne Buc

Product description

Product Details

material: stainless steel

Color Classification: Silver


Capacity: 1.2L Upper diameter: 140mm Lower diameter: 115mm Height: 220m

2L upper diameter: 150mm lower diameter: 130mm height: 225m

Products include: Ice bucket * 1

Perfect for Outdoor Activity:Your outdoor party will be never complete without ice,Perfect for BBQs, parties, bars, clubs, restaurants and more! Suitable for family, house, bar, cafe, hotel, restaurant, party, buffet, etc
If you have any questions about the ice bucket, you can contact us at any time, we are happy to serve you and wish you a happy life!

CJCSM Ice Bucket, Thick Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Champagne Buc

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