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Get a Life Show 24 [VHS]


Get a Life Show 24 [VHS]

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Get a Life! Show #24: Management Theme With the demand for good managers on the rise, there are no more excuses for being stuck in a dead-end job - it’s the perfect time for young people to take on the challenges of leadership. This show profiles four young people who know the trials and tribulations of life in the hot seat.

Hosts: Kipp asks Paula one too many questions about the growing need for managers in the workplace and Paula thinks he’s giving her a test.

Story #1: SECURITY COMPANY MANAGER An entrepreneur who found a marketable niche, Mike Jaggar took the idea of a traditional security company, added new technology (palm pilots) and old-fashioned transportation (bikes or just on foot) and created a thriving business.

Rant: Alex explains how to manage your manager.

Story #2: HOTEL MANAGER The Supreme Overlord, the Big Kahuna, whatever title you prefer, Ali Khoja definitely has a finger in all the pies as manager of a Travelodge. He explains what makes a good manager, and what it takes to run a busy hotel.

Streeters: What makes a good manager?

Story #3: FOOD DISTRIBUTION OPERATIONS MANAGER Organized to a fault, Aynsley Morris has the gargantuan task of arranging transportation of food to foodbanks nationwide - for free.

Rant: Tori Hosts her own radio talk show giving advice to job seekers.

Story #4: HAIR SALON MANAGER Hiring staff, providing customer service, ambiance and coloring clients hair. It’s all in a day’s work for Wendy Brown, who gives us the inside scoop on managing a hair salon.

Hosts: Paula spills her guts on what a manager’s role is while Kipp takes notes.

Winner of the Award of Excellence in the Information Programming category from the Alliance for Children and Television


...real genius... spotlights folks who have landed the kinds of jobs kids dream about, almost ... on their own terms. -- The Ottawa Citizen

This frantic but fact-filled half-hour [series] pumps out solid tips for job hunting along with weird skits, zany graphics... -- The Toronto Star

Get a Life Show 24 [VHS]

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