$25 Basketball Girl Player Custom Name Sports Series Nursery Wall De Baby Products Nursery Custom,Wall,Basketball,/autoboating1192198.html,Girl,$25,De,Name,Nursery,Series,Player,Sports,Baby Products , Nursery,grupoefo.com A surprise price is realized Basketball Girl Player Custom Name De Wall Sports Nursery Series Custom,Wall,Basketball,/autoboating1192198.html,Girl,$25,De,Name,Nursery,Series,Player,Sports,Baby Products , Nursery,grupoefo.com $25 Basketball Girl Player Custom Name Sports Series Nursery Wall De Baby Products Nursery A surprise price is realized Basketball Girl Player Custom Name De Wall Sports Nursery Series

A surprise price New popularity is realized Basketball Girl Player Custom Name De Wall Sports Nursery Series

Basketball Girl Player Custom Name Sports Series Nursery Wall De


Basketball Girl Player Custom Name Sports Series Nursery Wall De

Product description

Size:Large W 40" x H 32"

The perfect Wall Decal for nursery decorations fully customizable name décor for walls. You can choose from our 3 different sizes and customize the name and colors as you wish.

Our premium wall decals come pre-cut and do not require any additional hardware or purchase for application.

Multiple Uses
We can print anything you like. It can be a wall decoration, an insignia or something of your own creation. With your creative mind, only the sky is the limit.

How to Apply
- Wipe your wall and make sure it's clean, oil free, smooth and dry before you apply the decal onto it.
- Slowly peel the sticker and apply to the surface carefully.
- Use a hard-Plastic ID card to scrape over the applied sticker to remove bubbles if any.
- 2-person installation recommended.

Do not apply wall decals on a newly painted surface, if so, wait for 4 weeks to dry.
Make sure the package is not damaged in any way.

Basketball Girl Player Custom Name Sports Series Nursery Wall De

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