Tier,Stand,/autoboating1410198.html,grupoefo.com,Shoe,5,Flower,Shelf,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,St,Rack,Display,Bamboo,Pots,Plant,$32 5 Tier Plant A surprise price is realized Stand Shelf Bamboo Display Flower Pots St Shoe Rack $32 5 Tier Plant Stand Shelf Bamboo Shoe Rack Flower Pots Display St Home Kitchen Storage Organization Tier,Stand,/autoboating1410198.html,grupoefo.com,Shoe,5,Flower,Shelf,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,St,Rack,Display,Bamboo,Pots,Plant,$32 $32 5 Tier Plant Stand Shelf Bamboo Shoe Rack Flower Pots Display St Home Kitchen Storage Organization 5 Tier Plant A surprise price is realized Stand Shelf Bamboo Display Flower Pots St Shoe Rack

5 Tier Plant A surprise price is realized Stand Shelf Bamboo Display Flower Pots Ranking TOP7 St Shoe Rack

5 Tier Plant Stand Shelf Bamboo Shoe Rack Flower Pots Display St


5 Tier Plant Stand Shelf Bamboo Shoe Rack Flower Pots Display St

Product description

5 Tier Plant Stand Shelf Folding Bamboo Shoe Rack Flower Pots Display Storage
Our shoe organizer is made of high-quality sturdy bamboo, which can provide strong support for the placed shoes and keep it for many years.
5-tier plant shelf is installation-free, and it can be used right after pulling open to save space.You can easily simple to assemble in minutes and disassemble it without any tool and can stay stable without wobbling.
Two-tier shelves on one side for short shoes, each shelf can hold 2 pairs shoes, one tier larger section on the other side for boots and heels. Multifunctional-Ideal for using in a garden,patio,window or bedroom,rack amp; storage amp; display shelf for toiletries, towels, sundries, decorative things, knick knacks, shoes, books, plants pots shelf etc.
Fits well in hallway, entryway, foyer, bedroom etc.(Easy assembly: with complete accessories and specific installation manual, it will take you less time
to assemble it well).
Product Name: shoe rack.
Product color: bamboo color.
Product weight: 3.8kg.
Special design: Fine sanding makes this shelf more shiny.
Product size:77x25x91cm
Packing size:94x30x6cm
Package Included:
1x 5-Tier Foldable Flower Rack
1×Installation accessories
1×Instruction manual

5 Tier Plant Stand Shelf Bamboo Shoe Rack Flower Pots Display St

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