Dustproof Over item handling Durable Metal Push Button Self-Locking 12VDC Bu Switch $70 Dustproof Durable Metal Push Button Switch 12VDC Self-Locking Bu Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical $70 Dustproof Durable Metal Push Button Switch 12VDC Self-Locking Bu Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Switch,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,12VDC,/barnard1409979.html,Bu,Self-Locking,$70,Durable,Metal,grupoefo.com,Push,Button,Dustproof Switch,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,12VDC,/barnard1409979.html,Bu,Self-Locking,$70,Durable,Metal,grupoefo.com,Push,Button,Dustproof Dustproof Over item handling Durable Metal Push Button Self-Locking 12VDC Bu Switch

Dustproof Excellence Over item handling Durable Metal Push Button Self-Locking 12VDC Bu Switch

Dustproof Durable Metal Push Button Switch 12VDC Self-Locking Bu


Dustproof Durable Metal Push Button Switch 12VDC Self-Locking Bu

Product description


100% brand new and high quality. The button will lock and the switch is on after you release your hand; when you press again, the switch will reset and off.

With LED power indication light.

Solid metal outer casing, durable with long service life. IP65 waterproof and dustproof, stable and reliable.


Model: BEM-19-11DS

Operation type: Self-locking type

Mounting size: 19mm

Head shape: Flat head

LED voltage: 12VDC

LED color: Red / Blue / Green (Optional)

Wiring method: 5 weld leg

Switch combination: 1 normally open +1 normally closed +1 common (NO+NC+C)

Housing material: Brass nickel plated

Housing color: Silver

Waterproof and dustproof rating: IP65

Weight: 787g (approx.)

Dustproof Durable Metal Push Button Switch 12VDC Self-Locking Bu

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