$177 QSJY Desktop Organizer -, 2 Drawer Type Office A4 File Rack, Des Office Products Office School Supplies Oakland Mall QSJY Desktop Organizer - 2 Drawer Type Office Des Rack File A4 Office Products , Office School Supplies,2,$177,Rack,,Desktop,-,,Office,Drawer,QSJY,File,Type,/barnard1525279.html,grupoefo.com,Organizer,A4,Des Office Products , Office School Supplies,2,$177,Rack,,Desktop,-,,Office,Drawer,QSJY,File,Type,/barnard1525279.html,grupoefo.com,Organizer,A4,Des $177 QSJY Desktop Organizer -, 2 Drawer Type Office A4 File Rack, Des Office Products Office School Supplies Oakland Mall QSJY Desktop Organizer - 2 Drawer Type Office Des Rack File A4

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QSJY Desktop Organizer -, 2 Drawer Type Office A4 File Rack, Des


QSJY Desktop Organizer -, 2 Drawer Type Office A4 File Rack, Des

Product description


The drawer can hold A4 letter paper: width 15.74 × depth 15.74 × height 12.2 inches
1.4mm Thickened Carbon Steel Material: Waterproof, easy to clean, impact resistant and durable
Anti-tamper lock: all solid core steel, file safe storage

Cabinet type: file cabinet
Material: Thickened cold-rolled steel plate
Whether to assemble: Assemble
Whether to bring a lock: Yes
Thickness: 1.4mm
Size: 2 Drawer: width 15.74 × depth 15.74 × height 12.2 inches

Package Contents:
1pcs file cabinet
2pcs Keys

QSJY Desktop Organizer -, 2 Drawer Type Office A4 File Rack, Des

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