a-Si,STN-LCD,grupoefo.com,$115,/bimeby1525248.html,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Panel,5.7",320240,EDMMUG1BBF a-Si,STN-LCD,grupoefo.com,$115,/bimeby1525248.html,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Panel,5.7",320240,EDMMUG1BBF $115 EDMMUG1BBF a-Si STN-LCD Panel 5.7" 320240 Electronics Computers Accessories EDMMUG1BBF Super intense SALE a-Si STN-LCD 5.7" Panel 320240 EDMMUG1BBF Super intense SALE a-Si STN-LCD 5.7" Panel 320240 $115 EDMMUG1BBF a-Si STN-LCD Panel 5.7" 320240 Electronics Computers Accessories

EDMMUG1BBF Super intense SALE a-Si STN-LCD 5.7

EDMMUG1BBF a-Si STN-LCD Panel 5.7" 320240


EDMMUG1BBF a-Si STN-LCD Panel 5.7" 320240

Product description

Panel Model : EDMMUG1BBF
Panel Size: 5.7 inch
Resolution : 320*240,QVGA
Type : STN
Panel Type : a-Si,CSTN-LCD
Composition : Panel
Mode :STN, Normally Black,Transmissive
Display colors : Color
Lamp Type :1 pcs CCFL
Signal Type :Parallel Data (4-bit),20 pins
MOQ : 1pcs
Application : Industrial Application

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TNT 3-6
Days if you choose Economy Shipping, it need to arrive you in 20-35 day, Maybe longer. Sweden Post 20-35 Days All over the world Total Weight

EDMMUG1BBF a-Si STN-LCD Panel 5.7" 320240

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