Baoblaze Natural Round Bamboo Sealed Tea Max 82% OFF Candy Foods S Jar - Box /celiogastrotomy1192178.html,S,,Baoblaze,Box,$32,Jar,Sealed,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Candy,-,Foods,Natural,Bamboo,Round,Tea $32 Baoblaze Natural Round Bamboo Sealed Tea Box Candy Foods Jar - S Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Baoblaze Natural Round Bamboo Sealed Tea Max 82% OFF Candy Foods S Jar - Box /celiogastrotomy1192178.html,S,,Baoblaze,Box,$32,Jar,Sealed,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Candy,-,Foods,Natural,Bamboo,Round,Tea $32 Baoblaze Natural Round Bamboo Sealed Tea Box Candy Foods Jar - S Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Baoblaze Natural Round Bamboo Sealed Tea Max 82% OFF Candy Foods S Jar - Max 83% OFF Box

Baoblaze Natural Round Bamboo Sealed Tea Box Candy Foods Jar - S


Baoblaze Natural Round Bamboo Sealed Tea Box Candy Foods Jar - S

Product description



- 100% brand new and high quality
- Made of natural bamboo material, healthy and durable to use.
- With lid and handle, it could protects tea from bugs amp; dust,easy and convenient to use.
- Excepting for storing tea, it also can be used for storing coffee beans, all kinds of nuts, candy and so on.
- Using advanced equipment processing and production, antimoth


- Color: Light Brown
- Material: Bamboo
- Shape: Cylindrical
- Size(DxH) approx. S : 12x13.5cm/4.72x5.31inch, L : 19x19cm/7.48x7.48inch

Package Includes:

1 Piece Bamboo Storage Basket

We have many years of experience in selling merchandise online, we are focus on providing best product and service to customers.

Baoblaze Natural Round Bamboo Sealed Tea Box Candy Foods Jar - S

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