Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Telescopic,,Wide,$46,Deta,Ball,27mm,/circumvascular1192546.html,Slides,Bearing,Full,Drawer,lyqqqq $46 lyqqqq 27mm Wide Full Telescopic Ball Bearing Drawer Slides Deta Tools Home Improvement Hardware $46 lyqqqq 27mm Wide Full Telescopic Ball Bearing Drawer Slides Deta Tools Home Improvement Hardware lyqqqq 27mm Wide Full Telescopic Slides Deta Ball Max 86% OFF Drawer Bearing lyqqqq 27mm Wide Full Telescopic Slides Deta Ball Max 86% OFF Drawer Bearing Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Telescopic,,Wide,$46,Deta,Ball,27mm,/circumvascular1192546.html,Slides,Bearing,Full,Drawer,lyqqqq

lyqqqq Limited price sale 27mm Wide Full Telescopic Slides Deta Ball Max 86% OFF Drawer Bearing

lyqqqq 27mm Wide Full Telescopic Ball Bearing Drawer Slides Deta


lyqqqq 27mm Wide Full Telescopic Ball Bearing Drawer Slides Deta

Product description


The drawer slide rail is easy to install and remove. Telescopic slider structure. A part of the slider can be removed, which makes the installation of the slider easier.
Product parameter
Product material: cold rolled steel
Product color: Yahei
Product name; 27mm two-section drawer slide
Installation method: side-mounted
Installation clearance: 10mm
Bearing weight: 18 inches/25KG
Slide rail size: 10-18 inches (25cm-45cm)
Scope of application: office drawers, computer desk drawers, cabinet drawers
Dear customer, we will arrange shipping for you as soon as possible (within 48 hours).
If you have not received the goods within 30 days. Please contact us in time. We will respond within 24 hours.

lyqqqq 27mm Wide Full Telescopic Ball Bearing Drawer Slides Deta

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