Home Kitchen , Bedding,EIUE,/cosmography1192290.html,40x60,Fleece,Blanket,Soft,Light,grupoefo.com,Bed,Throw,Inches,Size,Coral,$62 EIUE 40x60 Inches Throw Size Coral service Soft Bed Fleece Light Blanket Home Kitchen , Bedding,EIUE,/cosmography1192290.html,40x60,Fleece,Blanket,Soft,Light,grupoefo.com,Bed,Throw,Inches,Size,Coral,$62 $62 EIUE 40x60 Inches Throw Size Coral Fleece Bed Blanket,Soft Light Home Kitchen Bedding EIUE 40x60 Inches Throw Size Coral service Soft Bed Fleece Light Blanket $62 EIUE 40x60 Inches Throw Size Coral Fleece Bed Blanket,Soft Light Home Kitchen Bedding

EIUE 40x60 Inches Throw Size Coral service Soft Bed Fleece Super sale Light Blanket

EIUE 40x60 Inches Throw Size Coral Fleece Bed Blanket,Soft Light


EIUE 40x60 Inches Throw Size Coral Fleece Bed Blanket,Soft Light

Product Description

Grey Fleece Blanket Throw


EIUE Multiple-Set Flannel Fleece Blanket,Available in Bulk in Box for Home Use

  • Made of 100% microfiber,it have lightweight feeling than regular traditional material blanket.
  • Double-side design(one side of smooth/one side fuzzy)offers different soft senses,it could improve your sleep.
  • Neat stitches with double-layered sewing, make the blanket more durable and thicker.
  • Get the most out of your budget by purchasing multiple-set premium blankets for one low discounted.


  • Fabric Material: Microfiber Polyester
  • Package contains:10 Psc set (60x80 inches(about 150x200 cm)) / 15 Pcs set(40x60 inches(about 100x150 cm))
  • Color:Black/Gray
  • Suitable season: Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter

EIUE 40x60 Inches Throw Size Coral Fleece Bed Blanket,Soft Light

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