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LXLTLB Compact Fridge Mini with Animer and price revision Popularity Portable Capacity Large

LXLTLB Compact Fridge, Mini Fridge, with Large Capacity Portable


LXLTLB Compact Fridge, Mini Fridge, with Large Capacity Portable

Product description

Product Name: 4L car home dual-use small refrigerator
Working voltage: 12V , 220V ,
External dimensions: 18.8*24*26.5cm
Internal size: 14*13.5*20cm
Power cord length: 1.8 meters
Power: 50w
Refrigeration temperature: about 22 °C below ambient temperature
Heating temperature: heating up to 60 °C
Sound: about 25dB
Note: This product only contains a refrigerator and does not contain other decorations. Product dimensions are measured by hand, there are some errors, please refer to the actual object received

LXLTLB Compact Fridge, Mini Fridge, with Large Capacity Portable

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