Air,16GB,$140,Wi-Fi,MGL12CL/A,iPad,Space,Electronics , Computers Accessories,(Refurbished),,Gray,2,/cosmography1525090.html,Apple Air,16GB,$140,Wi-Fi,MGL12CL/A,iPad,Space,Electronics , Computers Accessories,(Refurbished),,Gray,2,/cosmography1525090.html,Apple Apple iPad Air Limited time cheap sale 2 16GB Space Gray Wi-Fi Refurbished A MGL12CL $140 Apple iPad Air 2 16GB Space Gray Wi-Fi MGL12CL/A (Refurbished) Electronics Computers Accessories $140 Apple iPad Air 2 16GB Space Gray Wi-Fi MGL12CL/A (Refurbished) Electronics Computers Accessories Apple iPad Air Limited time cheap sale 2 16GB Space Gray Wi-Fi Refurbished A MGL12CL

Apple iPad Air Limited time cheap sale 2 16GB Space Gray High quality new Wi-Fi Refurbished A MGL12CL

Apple iPad Air 2 16GB Space Gray Wi-Fi MGL12CL/A (Refurbished)


Apple iPad Air 2 16GB Space Gray Wi-Fi MGL12CL/A (Refurbished)

Product description

Expand your digital horizon with the Apple iPad Air 2. At just 6.1mm, it is a thin and capable device. It has a re-engineered 9.7" Retina display, which offers high definition while watching videos or looking at photos. The revolutionary Touch ID fingerprint sensor helps you access your personal information quickly and easily. This space gray iPad Air also features a powerful A8X chip with 64-bit architecture for improved performance and gaming speed. Use the new iSight camera when taking detailed photos and videos. An improved FaceTime HD camera will improve the quality of your video chats like never before. Its fast wireless connection enables you to stream content and enjoy clear video calls. This 16GB Apple iPad Wi-Fi comes with the all-new iOS 8 operating system along with a new feature set. Enjoy over 10 hours of battery life, and a vast suite of productivity apps available with this device.

Apple iPad Air 2 16GB Space Gray Wi-Fi MGL12CL/A (Refurbished)

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