$3135 Sharp AQUOS BOARD Digital Signage Display PN-L703A Industrial Scientific Digital Signage $3135 Sharp AQUOS BOARD Digital Signage Display PN-L703A Industrial Scientific Digital Signage Sharp AQUOS trust BOARD Digital Display Signage PN-L703A BOARD,Sharp,$3135,Digital,Industrial Scientific , Digital Signage,grupoefo.com,PN-L703A,/cosmography1637290.html,Signage,Display,AQUOS BOARD,Sharp,$3135,Digital,Industrial Scientific , Digital Signage,grupoefo.com,PN-L703A,/cosmography1637290.html,Signage,Display,AQUOS Sharp AQUOS trust BOARD Digital Display Signage PN-L703A

Sharp AQUOS trust BOARD Courier shipping free shipping Digital Display Signage PN-L703A

Sharp AQUOS BOARD Digital Signage Display PN-L703A


Sharp AQUOS BOARD Digital Signage Display PN-L703A

Product description

The Sharp AQUOS BOARD PN-L703A 70” Edge Lit LED Backlight Interactive Display System is designed for smooth and effortless communication in a wide range of contexts. The highly responsive touch pens allow several people to write on the same screen at the same time; the touch pen software is pre-installed in the LED. The Touch Display Link software enables multifaceted wireless communication.

Sharp AQUOS BOARD Digital Signage Display PN-L703A

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