Ranking TOP16 Price Right Home Metro Geometric Chevron UK US Queen King Size U Chevron,Home,Price,Home Kitchen , Bedding,U,grupoefo.com,Queen,/deconcatenate1192408.html,King/US,UK,Right,Size,$35,Metro,Geometric $35 Price Right Home Metro Geometric Chevron UK King/US Queen Size U Home Kitchen Bedding $35 Price Right Home Metro Geometric Chevron UK King/US Queen Size U Home Kitchen Bedding Chevron,Home,Price,Home Kitchen , Bedding,U,grupoefo.com,Queen,/deconcatenate1192408.html,King/US,UK,Right,Size,$35,Metro,Geometric Ranking TOP16 Price Right Home Metro Geometric Chevron UK US Queen King Size U

Ranking TOP16 Price Right Home Metro Geometric Chevron UK US Queen Gifts King Size U

Price Right Home Metro Geometric Chevron UK King/US Queen Size U


Price Right Home Metro Geometric Chevron UK King/US Queen Size U

Product description

  • A fashionable geometric chevron patterned bedding set
  • Part of our exclusive Metro Collection
  • UK Duvet cover size: 230cm x 220cm (90.5in x 86.5in)
  • Pillowcase size: 50cm x 75cm (19.5in x 29.5in)
  • Reversible - coordinating designs on either side
  • Includes one king size duvet cover and two pillowcases, unfilled covers only, inserst sold separately
  • Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
  • 100% Machine washable
  • To fit a standard UK king size bed
  • Colour: Pink / Grey / White

This Chevron king size duvet cover set will add a stylish finishing touch to any bedroom of your home and is part of our exclusive Metro Collection bedding range. The design features a classic zig zag chevron pattern in complimentary tones of dark dusky pink, light blush pink, grey and white, with a coordinating grey and white version on the reverse. This bedding set is made from a polycotton blend and can be machine washed and tumble dried on a cool setting.

Price Right Home Metro Geometric Chevron UK King/US Queen Size U

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