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FFLSDR File San Diego Mall Holder Integrated Four- Assembly Without Direct store

FFLSDR File Holder Integrated Without Assembly File Holder Four-


FFLSDR File Holder Integrated Without Assembly File Holder Four-

Product description


There are so many daily necessities that we can hardly find them when we need them, but the storage box can easily solve this trouble for you. It can be expanded, saves space and is easy to store, providing you with a comfortable storage experience. It can be used in offices, bedrooms, game rooms, garages, etc.
Product Name: File Rack
material: plastic
Number of layers: four groups
Color type: black, gray
Size : 342*240*225(mm)
This product is genuine, and the display may be slightly colored. Please refer to the actual product. Thank you!

FFLSDR File Holder Integrated Without Assembly File Holder Four-

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