Micro 100 mm Round Blank Elegant - 8.0 SRM-080-100 Diameter $139 Micro 100 100 mm Round Blank, 8.0 mm Diameter - SRM-080-100 Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools Blank,,8.0,Micro,/enlinkment1410054.html,SRM-080-100,mm,Round,100,mm,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,grupoefo.com,-,100,$139,Diameter Micro 100 mm Round Blank Elegant - 8.0 SRM-080-100 Diameter $139 Micro 100 100 mm Round Blank, 8.0 mm Diameter - SRM-080-100 Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools Blank,,8.0,Micro,/enlinkment1410054.html,SRM-080-100,mm,Round,100,mm,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,grupoefo.com,-,100,$139,Diameter

Micro 100 mm Round Blank Elegant - 8.0 Cash special price SRM-080-100 Diameter

Micro 100 100 mm Round Blank, 8.0 mm Diameter - SRM-080-100


Micro 100 100 mm Round Blank, 8.0 mm Diameter - SRM-080-100

Product description

Round Blank, Material C2 Multigrain Carbide, Diameter 8.0 mm, Length 100 mm, Diameter Tolerance -.0001/-.0002", Finish UnCoated

Features -

  • Finish - UnCoated

    WARNING: California Residents

    This product can expose you to chemicals including Styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    California proposition 65 warning

  • Micro 100 100 mm Round Blank, 8.0 mm Diameter - SRM-080-100

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