YMI Women's Seasonal Wrap Introduction Junior Wannabettabutt Mid Rise Button Sk Mega 2 Cuff $26 YMI Women's Junior Wannabettabutt Mid Rise 2 Button Mega Cuff Sk Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women YMI Women's Seasonal Wrap Introduction Junior Wannabettabutt Mid Rise Button Sk Mega 2 Cuff Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Rise,Cuff,$26,grupoefo.com,Sk,Women's,/enlinkment1525154.html,2,YMI,Mid,Junior,Mega,Wannabettabutt,Button $26 YMI Women's Junior Wannabettabutt Mid Rise 2 Button Mega Cuff Sk Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Rise,Cuff,$26,grupoefo.com,Sk,Women's,/enlinkment1525154.html,2,YMI,Mid,Junior,Mega,Wannabettabutt,Button

YMI Women's Seasonal Wrap Introduction Junior Wannabettabutt Mid Rise Button Classic Sk Mega 2 Cuff

YMI Women's Junior Wannabettabutt Mid Rise 2 Button Mega Cuff Sk


YMI Women's Junior Wannabettabutt Mid Rise 2 Button Mega Cuff Sk

Product description

Girl, our Junior's WannaBettaButt Mid-Rise 2-Button Mega Cuff Skinny Jean is ready to elevate any and all of your on-trend wardrobe looks. Featuring adjustable cuffs, double-button closure with front zip, five pocket construction, light distressing, and belt loops.

Measurement (Based on size 5)
- Inseam (Cuffed): 27”
- Rise (To top edge of band): 9”
- Leg Opening (Cuffed): 10”

YMI Women's Junior Wannabettabutt Mid Rise 2 Button Mega Cuff Sk

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