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JLHBM File Cabinet Storage Box - Box File Cabinets Metal Cabinet


JLHBM File Cabinet Storage Box - Box File Cabinets Metal Cabinet

Product description


➤ Product Details:
Name: Drawer storage box

Material: metal, plastic

Color:Blue , Brown

Popular elements: solid color

Suitable for the crowd: the public

Features: environmentally friendly, tasteless

Applicable space: study, office, living room

Size: 300*350*410mm

➤ Drawers glide in and out with a convenient moulded handle. The containers units are light in weight and can be easily moved around the house or the office. These units can be mounted on gliders which are also supplied with the units.
We are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. We will provide high quality Items, and ensure customer satisfaction.

JLHBM File Cabinet Storage Box - Box File Cabinets Metal Cabinet

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