Ashtray Small Dehumidifier Portable Bargain sale Aut with Mini Ashtray Small Dehumidifier Portable Bargain sale Aut with Mini $73 Ashtray Small Dehumidifier, Portable Mini Dehumidifier, with Aut Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality $73 Ashtray Small Dehumidifier, Portable Mini Dehumidifier, with Aut Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality with,Ashtray,Dehumidifier,,/enlinkment1637254.html,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,Dehumidifier,,Small,Mini,Portable,,$73,Aut with,Ashtray,Dehumidifier,,/enlinkment1637254.html,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,Dehumidifier,,Small,Mini,Portable,,$73,Aut

Ashtray Small Dehumidifier Portable Max 90% OFF Bargain sale Aut with Mini

Ashtray Small Dehumidifier, Portable Mini Dehumidifier, with Aut


Ashtray Small Dehumidifier, Portable Mini Dehumidifier, with Aut

Product description

A Small Household Dehumidifier That Can Be Used All Year Round Helps You Create A Healthier Living Environment, Bid Farewell To Humid Environments, Protect Your Health, And Say Goodbye To The Mold In The Corners Of Your Home.

Name: Condensing Dehumidifier
Size: 13 X 24cm/5 X 9in
Power: About 22w, Only 0.5 Kilowatt-hours Of Electricity For Contact Work 24 Hours A Day
Working Current: 2-2.5a
Automatic Shutdown Function When Water Is Full: Removable Transparent Water Tank
Capacity: 850ml
24-hour Dehumidification Capacity: 300ml, Measured In A 30 C, 90% Rh Environment
Noise: Net Weight: 950g
Gross Weight: 1261g
Note: The Led Light Will Flash When The Water Tank Is Full, And The Led Light Will Flash Automatically When The Water Tank Is Pulled Out.

Packing List:
1 * Condensing Dehumidifier

Note: The Product Is Measured Manually, Please Refer To The Actual Product; Due To The Light, The Color Of The Product And The Picture May Be Different, Please Refer To The Actual Color Of The Goods Received.

After-sales Service: We Will Provide You With High-quality Services. If You Have Any Questions About Our Products, Please Contact Us In Time And We Will Reply You Within 24 Hours.

Ashtray Small Dehumidifier, Portable Mini Dehumidifier, with Aut

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