Areyourshop Solar Auto Darkening Welding MIG Wel Selling and selling Weld Helmet TIG Welding,TIG,MIG,Weld,/ergusia1637042.html,Helmet,Areyourshop,,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,Solar,$25,Auto,Wel,Darkening $25 Areyourshop Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet TIG MIG Weld Wel Tools Home Improvement Safety Security Areyourshop Solar Auto Darkening Welding MIG Wel Selling and selling Weld Helmet TIG $25 Areyourshop Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet TIG MIG Weld Wel Tools Home Improvement Safety Security Welding,TIG,MIG,Weld,/ergusia1637042.html,Helmet,Areyourshop,,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,Solar,$25,Auto,Wel,Darkening

Areyourshop Solar Ranking TOP6 Auto Darkening Welding MIG Wel Selling and selling Weld Helmet TIG

Areyourshop Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet TIG MIG Weld Wel


Areyourshop Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet TIG MIG Weld Wel

Product description



High strong materials and fire retardant,can prevent resistance,anti-aging

High definition protective filter,you can see the welding conditions clearly when weling the goods.Welding luminosity is soft and comfortable.

It works the moment you start work,this products adopts advanced circuit design.

Striking the arc,the observing window darkens immediately.

Permanent UV/IR protection

Fashion appearance.ultra light designing ,wearing comfortable.

High performance solar cells and lithium battery

Sensitivity and delay time can be adjustable.

Grinding and weling mode can be chosen.


Light states:DIN 4

Dark states:DIN9-13 free adjustment(Outside Variable)

View Area:2.125 x 4 inch

Response time(bright to dark):lt;1/30000 seconds(normal tempteratur conditions)

Sensitivity (welding based on current size):adjustable: low/high

Battery:lithium battery+solar cells,no battery change required.

UV protecion:16 levels

Working temperature: -5¡æ~55¡æ

Storage temperature:-20¡æ~70¡æ

Masks materials:PP

Package include:

1 x Welding Helmet
1 x User Manual

Areyourshop Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet TIG MIG Weld Wel

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