Display,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,(RK-K13),Rack,/footpick1192468.html,$62,Garment,4-way,Clothing,grupoefo.com RK-K13 4-way Garment Clothing Rack Popular popular Display $62 (RK-K13) 4-way Garment Rack Clothing Display Home Kitchen Storage Organization $62 (RK-K13) 4-way Garment Rack Clothing Display Home Kitchen Storage Organization RK-K13 4-way Garment Clothing Rack Popular popular Display Display,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,(RK-K13),Rack,/footpick1192468.html,$62,Garment,4-way,Clothing,grupoefo.com

RK-K13 Max 62% OFF 4-way Garment Clothing Rack Popular popular Display

(RK-K13) 4-way Garment Rack Clothing Display


(RK-K13) 4-way Garment Rack Clothing Display

Product description

Display your merchandise exactly how you want it displayed with the fully adjustable Chrome 4-Way Clothing Rack with straight arms. Easily adjustable in 3" increments, with push button arms, display your inventory low at 48" or high at 78". In chrome finish these 4-way racks will match any store fixture in your store. They are great for central floor displays! The 4-way garment racks also feature welded end caps and adjustable leveler glides. Available for immediate shipping, these clothes racks can be used in boutique shops or large clothing stores.

(RK-K13) 4-way Garment Rack Clothing Display



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