$70 ZYQDRZ Mini Rice Cooker, Household Rice Cooker, 2-4 People Rice Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $70 ZYQDRZ Mini Rice Cooker, Household Rice Cooker, 2-4 People Rice Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining ZYQDRZ,Cooker,,Rice,Rice,$70,People,Household,Mini,grupoefo.com,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/footpick1525068.html,Cooker,,2-4,Rice ZYQDRZ Mini Rice Spring new work one after another Cooker 2-4 Household People ZYQDRZ Mini Rice Spring new work one after another Cooker 2-4 Household People ZYQDRZ,Cooker,,Rice,Rice,$70,People,Household,Mini,grupoefo.com,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/footpick1525068.html,Cooker,,2-4,Rice

ZYQDRZ Mini Rice Spring new work one after another Cooker 2-4 Fort Worth Mall Household People

ZYQDRZ Mini Rice Cooker, Household Rice Cooker, 2-4 People Rice


ZYQDRZ Mini Rice Cooker, Household Rice Cooker, 2-4 People Rice

Product description

Heating method: chassis heating
Lining material: black glass non-stick lining.
3L-500W is suitable for 3-4 people
Function: cake, claypot rice, bibimbap, porridge, noodles, noodles, syrup, yogurt, etc.
Control method: mechanical
Measuring cup: 1
Spoon: 1
Plastic steamer: 1
We will arrange delivery within 1-2 days after ordering, and arrive within 15-20 days.

ZYQDRZ Mini Rice Cooker, Household Rice Cooker, 2-4 People Rice



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