$60 Portable HD Document Camera for Teachers, 8MP Scanner with OCR T Electronics Security Surveillance $60,Camera,Document,8MP,with,Electronics , Security Surveillance,grupoefo.com,HD,Scanner,T,OCR,Teachers,,Portable,for,/footpick1525368.html Portable HD Document Camera for Teachers with T Scanner OCR 8MP We OFFer at cheap prices $60 Portable HD Document Camera for Teachers, 8MP Scanner with OCR T Electronics Security Surveillance Portable HD Document Camera for Teachers with T Scanner OCR 8MP We OFFer at cheap prices $60,Camera,Document,8MP,with,Electronics , Security Surveillance,grupoefo.com,HD,Scanner,T,OCR,Teachers,,Portable,for,/footpick1525368.html

Portable HD Document Camera for Teachers Low price with T Scanner OCR 8MP We OFFer at cheap prices

Portable HD Document Camera for Teachers, 8MP Scanner with OCR T


Portable HD Document Camera for Teachers, 8MP Scanner with OCR T

Product description

The Multi-function Automatic Scanner Uses A Cmos Sensor Design With A Maximum Scan Size Of Up To A4, Which Increases The Types Of Documents Or Objects That Can Be Scanned, Such As Documents With Different Sizes And Shapes Or Located In Folders, As Well As Books, Magazines, Id Cards, And Passports And Other Objects. It Also Supports Taking Pictures, Pdf Creation And Other Functions.

Product Appearance: foldable stand, plastic shell.
Scan Type:Physical objects, test papers, documents, books, magazines, certificates, business card.
Shooting Size: A4.
Scanning Speed: about one second.
Optical resolution: 8 Megapixels
Image Color: 24 bits.
Picture Format: JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIF, PDF, TXT, EXCEL etc.
Interface: USB2.0.
Photosensitive Element: CMOS

Image Control:Brightness Adjustment, color selection, automatic adjustment exposure.

IMAGE PROCESSING:Provides a box selection, rotation, cutting, changing image size, grayscale map, binary map, brightness adjustment, exposure length adjustment, sharpness adjustment, color adjustment, gain control and other common functions.
Uses: family, teacher, lawyer, administration, finance, company.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service in time, we will reply to you within 24 hours.

Portable HD Document Camera for Teachers, 8MP Scanner with OCR T



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