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# Washington State Takes Steps to Boost Semiconductor Industry with New Legislation

## Introduction

Last week, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signed a new bill into law that aims to provide significant benefits to the semiconductor industry in the state. House Bill 2428, sponsored by three Democratic representatives, extended and reinstated key tax preferences for the industry, with the hope of unlocking federal funding and strengthening the semiconductor sector in Washington.

## Benefits for the Semiconductor Industry

The bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, passed in 2022, allocated billions of dollars to support the domestic semiconductor industry and enhance competitiveness against global rivals like China. However, the actual appropriation of these funds by Congress has been delayed, creating a sense of urgency for states to take action to secure their share of the funds.

## State Tax Preferences and Industry Support

The new legislation extends tax preferences for the semiconductor industry in Washington, providing relief in business and occupation taxes and sales and use taxes for manufacturers. These incentives create a favorable business environment and support the growth and modernization of existing semiconductor companies in the region.

## Competitive Disadvantages and Investment Challenges

Washington’s inability to directly invest in the semiconductor industry due to state constitutional constraints poses challenges in securing federal funds. Other states, like Arizona and Indiana, have successfully attracted semiconductor investments through a combination of tax benefits and industry support programs, showcasing the competitive landscape Washington faces.

## Research and Innovation in the Semiconductor Sector

Apart from tax incentives, research and innovation play a crucial role in positioning Washington as a hub for semiconductor development. Universities like the University of Washington and Washington State University are actively involved in semiconductor research, exploring new technologies and applications to drive industry growth and competitiveness.

## Conclusion

While the new tax preferences signal Washington’s commitment to supporting the semiconductor industry, challenges still exist in securing federal funds and attracting investments. By leveraging a combination of tax incentives, industry partnerships, and research initiatives, Washington aims to strengthen its position in the semiconductor sector and unlock the potential for further growth and innovation in the industry.

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