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2021 New Cat Shaped Doorstop Pattern Bookend Popular product wholesale Decorativ Cartoon

2021 New Cat Shaped Doorstop Bookend,Cartoon Pattern Decorativ


2021 New Cat Shaped Doorstop Bookend,Cartoon Pattern Decorativ

Product description


1.Cute Cat Anti- Slip Door Wedge Sculpture
2.Safety doorstop non-slip non-scratching
3.Door Stopper Resin Statue Décor for Home Office - Creative Gifts
Name:Cute Cat Door Stopper
Type:Door Stops
Blocking Cat: 19x13.5cm/7.48x5.31in
Lazy Cat: 18.5x14cm/7.28x5.51in
Package Includes:
1* Cute Cat Door Stopper

2021 New Cat Shaped Doorstop Bookend,Cartoon Pattern Decorativ

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