Smart Cash special price Watch Heart Rate Monitor Music Re Message Control Reminder $30 Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Message Reminder Music Control Re Electronics Wearable Technology Smart,$30,Control,,Heart,Message,Re,Monitor,Reminder,Music,Rate,Watch,/hippic1525034.html,Electronics , Wearable Technology Smart,$30,Control,,Heart,Message,Re,Monitor,Reminder,Music,Rate,Watch,/hippic1525034.html,Electronics , Wearable Technology $30 Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Message Reminder Music Control Re Electronics Wearable Technology Smart Cash special price Watch Heart Rate Monitor Music Re Message Control Reminder

Smart Cash special price Watch Heart Rate Monitor Music Re half Message Control Reminder

Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Message Reminder Music Control Re


Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Message Reminder Music Control Re

Product description


- Pedometer:steps,calories,distance
- Sports Modes
- Heart Rate Monitor
- Reminders:Alarm/Call/Sedentary Reminder
- Remote Camera
- Message Notification

Dial Shape:Rectangle
Case Material:Zinc Alloy
Band Material:Silicone
Clasp Type:Buckle

Dial Case Diameter:42.5mm(1.67")
Dial Case Thickness:9.6mm (0.37")
Band Length:230mm(9.05")

- Waterproof:IP67 Waterproof
- DO NOT suitable for hot water bathing,diving,swimming,water-related work

Screen Size:1.3-inch colorful display,resolution:240*240
Bluetooth:Bluetooth 4.0
Charging Type:Magnetic Charging Stand
Operate Type:Full Touch Screen

IOS 9.0 or above,Android 4.4 or above

What's in the box?
- 1*Watch
- 1*Watch Box
- 1*User Manual
- 1*Charging line

Any questions,please kindly contact us,we would always offer best solution to you.

Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Message Reminder Music Control Re

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