JSJJATQ Gemstone Natural Colorful Branded goods Stone Obelisk Chakra Cr Gravel $32 JSJJATQ Gemstone Natural Colorful Stone Chakra Gravel Obelisk Cr Health Household Health Care $32 JSJJATQ Gemstone Natural Colorful Stone Chakra Gravel Obelisk Cr Health Household Health Care Gemstone,Chakra,grupoefo.com,Stone,Cr,JSJJATQ,Gravel,Health Household , Health Care,$32,Natural,/hydroelectricity1192312.html,Colorful,Obelisk Gemstone,Chakra,grupoefo.com,Stone,Cr,JSJJATQ,Gravel,Health Household , Health Care,$32,Natural,/hydroelectricity1192312.html,Colorful,Obelisk JSJJATQ Gemstone Natural Colorful Branded goods Stone Obelisk Chakra Cr Gravel

JSJJATQ Gemstone Natural Colorful Branded goods Stone mart Obelisk Chakra Cr Gravel

JSJJATQ Gemstone Natural Colorful Stone Chakra Gravel Obelisk Cr


JSJJATQ Gemstone Natural Colorful Stone Chakra Gravel Obelisk Cr

Product description

1pc amazonite heart,1pc rosequartz heart
1pc labradorite,1pc amethyst cluster,1pc fluorite ,
1pc red corundum
50g colorful mixed gravel
Size:wand:50-60mm ball:28-30mm chips:30-50mm heart:20-30mm
cluster:20mm others:10-20mm gravel:5-8mm

JSJJATQ Gemstone Natural Colorful Stone Chakra Gravel Obelisk Cr

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South KeralaA journey to remember INR 1,000 to 120,000
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HoneymoonCelebrate your romance INR 2,000 to 150,000
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