$208 XUBIAODIAN Laptop Cooling Pad Cooler, Laptop Cooler Fan Compatib Electronics Computers Accessories XUBIAODIAN Laptop [Alternative dealer] Cooling Pad Fan Cooler Compatib Laptop,XUBIAODIAN,Fan,$208,Compatib,Cooler,Pad,/hydroelectricity1525412.html,Cooling,grupoefo.com,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Laptop,Cooler, XUBIAODIAN Laptop [Alternative dealer] Cooling Pad Fan Cooler Compatib Laptop,XUBIAODIAN,Fan,$208,Compatib,Cooler,Pad,/hydroelectricity1525412.html,Cooling,grupoefo.com,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Laptop,Cooler, $208 XUBIAODIAN Laptop Cooling Pad Cooler, Laptop Cooler Fan Compatib Electronics Computers Accessories

XUBIAODIAN Laptop Alternative dealer Cooling Pad Fan Cooler Compatib Popular product

XUBIAODIAN Laptop Cooling Pad Cooler, Laptop Cooler Fan Compatib


XUBIAODIAN Laptop Cooling Pad Cooler, Laptop Cooler Fan Compatib

Product description

Product Size: 400X280X 50Mm

Product Weight: 1050G

Large Fan Size: 160X160X25Mm

Rated Voltage: 5V

Small Fan Size: 60X60X15Mm (4Pcs)

Rated Current: 1 A+10%

Big Fan Speed: 1500±10% Rpm

Input Power: 5W

Small Fan Speed: 3500+10%Rpm

Thank you for your trust and support! I wish you a happy life

XUBIAODIAN Laptop Cooling Pad Cooler, Laptop Cooler Fan Compatib

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