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Christmas With Daniel O'Donnell [Amazon Exclusive]


Christmas With Daniel O'Donnell [Amazon Exclusive]

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THIS LIMITED EDITION AMAZON EXCLUSIVE CONTAINS A SIGNED POSTCARD. Daniel O'Donnell's career has now spanned more than 30 years and he continues to delight fans around the world by his prolific recording and touring activities, as well as remaining one of the UK Album chart's most successful recording Artists. 'Christmas With Daniel O'Donnell' is a 2CD+DVD set, which was filmed and recorded at Dublin's Convention Centre last December, during Daniel's sold-out concerts. The concert features Mary Duff Daniel's long-term singing partner, Mary Duff, as well as special guests The Presentation Choir who appeared on 'Britain's Got Talent', the Rathdowney Choir and the Billie Barry Stage School. Daniel is one of the UK Album charts' most prolific Artists, having sold more than 4 MILLION units in the UK this millennium, as well as breaking his own world record in 2017, by becoming the first recording artist to chart at least one new album a year in Artist Albums Chart for 30 consecutive years. Daniel O'Donnell has sold more than 4 MILLION units in the UK this millennium. In the United Kingdom Daniel has amassed thirty-two Top 40 albums, including sixteen Top 10 albums, with fourteen of them from this Century, a feat not achieved by any other Artist and is a trend that is set to continue with 'Christmas With Daniel O'Donnell'.

Christmas With Daniel O'Donnell [Amazon Exclusive]

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