$140 Electric Indoor Outdoor Smokeless Grill, Dishwasher Safe, Adju Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Direct sale of manufacturer Electric Indoor Outdoor Smokeless Grill Safe Adju Dishwasher Direct sale of manufacturer Electric Indoor Outdoor Smokeless Grill Safe Adju Dishwasher $140 Electric Indoor Outdoor Smokeless Grill, Dishwasher Safe, Adju Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Dishwasher,/hypertridimensional1525128.html,Smokeless,Electric,grupoefo.com,Adju,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Indoor,Safe,,Grill,,Outdoor,$140 Dishwasher,/hypertridimensional1525128.html,Smokeless,Electric,grupoefo.com,Adju,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Indoor,Safe,,Grill,,Outdoor,$140

Direct sale of manufacturer Electric Super sale period limited Indoor Outdoor Smokeless Grill Safe Adju Dishwasher

Electric Indoor Outdoor Smokeless Grill, Dishwasher Safe, Adju


Electric Indoor Outdoor Smokeless Grill, Dishwasher Safe, Adju

Product description

-Main materials: iron, stainless steel, high-quality plastic
Input voltage: 220V, 50Hz (110V equipped with transformer)
-Rated power: 800W
-Temperature control range: 50~250°C
-Baking tray thickness: 1.8mm
-Main process: cast iron grill pan, stronger than drawing process, faster heat conduction
-Golden ratio capacity, farewell to waste, can meet the needs of 1-4 people.
-Water-based non-stick coating can speed up the grilling speed, and excess grease will be drained directly into the oil pan along the oil leakage hole.
-Using the hollowing process to make the baking tray more energy.
-Rotation automatic temperature control, easy to rotate, can grill to the greatest extent.
-Insulated ventilation holes, with insulated and vented outlets on both sides, and placed with a burned hand and a burned table cooling handle.
-Easy to clean, the whole machine adopts split installation design, easy to disassemble, cleaning is extremely convenient and safe.
-High temperature and heat resistant nylon, not only resistant to high temperature, but also effectively prevent cracking.
-The embossed non-stick baking tray is made of imported food-grade coating, which is safe and reliable.

Electric Indoor Outdoor Smokeless Grill, Dishwasher Safe, Adju

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