ZOUHANGDIAN Projector,Portable Smart WiFi Full HD Cheap sale Vid 1080p TV Vid,1080p,ZOUHANGDIAN,WiFi,Projector,Portable,HD,Electronics , Video Projectors,Full,TV,$778,Smart,/hypertridimensional1525228.html,grupoefo.com Vid,1080p,ZOUHANGDIAN,WiFi,Projector,Portable,HD,Electronics , Video Projectors,Full,TV,$778,Smart,/hypertridimensional1525228.html,grupoefo.com $778 ZOUHANGDIAN Projector,Portable Smart WiFi Full HD 1080p TV Vid Electronics Video Projectors $778 ZOUHANGDIAN Projector,Portable Smart WiFi Full HD 1080p TV Vid Electronics Video Projectors ZOUHANGDIAN Projector,Portable Smart WiFi Full HD Cheap sale Vid 1080p TV

ZOUHANGDIAN Projector,Portable Smart WiFi Full HD Cheap sale Ranking integrated 1st place Vid 1080p TV

ZOUHANGDIAN Projector,Portable Smart WiFi Full HD 1080p TV Vid


ZOUHANGDIAN Projector,Portable Smart WiFi Full HD 1080p TV Vid

Product description

Projection method: front projection
Voltage: 15 (V)
Weight: 1.76 (including packaging) (kg)
Power: 45 (w)
Effective scanning frequency: 50/60HZ
Resolution: 1920*1080 (compatible with 4K)
Brightness: 200 ANSI lumens
Projection lens: 0.23 DMD
Projection screen size: 40-300 inches (cm)

Performance-----Eight-core 64-bit processor Unlock more files.
Configuration------2G+16G storage leaves more files for you.
Comes with dual frequency-----WIFI 2.4G+5.8G network transmission is fast.
Battery life ----- 7.4V 4000MAH (3.7V 8000MAH) use time.
Switch the Bluetooth speaker function with one button, play music at will, and automatically black out the energy-saving projection in the Bluetooth speaker mode.
Brightness LED 200 ANSI lumens, high resolution, 1920*1080, playing super clear picture. Supports 3D video playback, allowing you to be more immersive.
Comes with off-axis function.
Built-in keystone correction function ± 40.

Packing: projector* 1

P30 Pocket Portable Smart WiFi Full HD 1080p TV Video, Top Level Built-in Speaker, Super color technology, Mini Projector for 4K Cinema Smartphone

ZOUHANGDIAN Projector,Portable Smart WiFi Full HD 1080p TV Vid

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