FH Group FB060114 Universal Fit Trendy Elegance Car Memphis Mall Set Full Sea Sea,Automotive , Interior Accessories,Universal,Fit,Trendy,Full,Elegance,$35,FB060114,Set,Car,grupoefo.com,FH,Group,/involucrate1192504.html $35 FH Group FB060114 Universal Fit Trendy Elegance Full Set Car Sea Automotive Interior Accessories Sea,Automotive , Interior Accessories,Universal,Fit,Trendy,Full,Elegance,$35,FB060114,Set,Car,grupoefo.com,FH,Group,/involucrate1192504.html FH Group FB060114 Universal Fit Trendy Elegance Car Memphis Mall Set Full Sea $35 FH Group FB060114 Universal Fit Trendy Elegance Full Set Car Sea Automotive Interior Accessories

FH Group FB060114 Universal Fit Trendy Elegance Car Memphis Mall Set Cheap Full Sea

FH Group FB060114 Universal Fit Trendy Elegance Full Set Car Sea


FH Group FB060114 Universal Fit Trendy Elegance Full Set Car Sea

From the manufacturer

Gray and Black Leather Front Seat Cushions Highback Neoprene Seat Covers Multiple Colors Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover Wood Design Trimmable Floor Mats
Style: Leatherette Car Seat Cushions. Neoprene Highback. Perforated Genuine Leather Trimmable Floor Mats.
Feature: These quilted cushion pads are sleek, suave, and sophisticated. Made of top quality faux leather, this chic design is sure to attract attention. The middle layer of 10 millimeters foam padding provides unmatched comfort. These neoprene seat covers are waterproof, stain proof, and life proof to protect you from all kinds of disasters. Waterproof Neoprene with Non-Slip Backing. Rear seat cover designed to accommodate 50/50, 40/60, 60/40, and 40/20/40 split benches. Is your steering wheel starting to fade and wear, direct sunlight and hot temperatures can damage car interiors. The FH Group Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover is designed to protect your steering wheel, while adding a touch of class to your ride. Specially designed ridges trap water, dirt, mud, sand and more to save your carpeting. The reinforced heel pads feature a wood grain pattern for added durability and a flash of style.
Material: Faux-Leather. Neoprene. Genuine Leather Rubber
Package Included: 2 front seat cushion pads 2 separate headrest cushions 1 bag of snaps. 2 bucket seat covers, 1 rear bench backrest cover, 1 rear bench bottom seat cover, 3 headrest covers. 1 Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover Set of 4 Interior Floor Mats
Dimensions: Semi-Universal. Semi-Universal. Approximately 15.2" x 14.5" x 1.5" Fits 14.5" to 15.5" steering wheels. Dimension: Front 27" x 19" Rear 19.5" x 17.5"
Cleaning Tips: Wipe Clean for best results use microfiber cloth. Wipe Clean for best results use microfiber cloth. Wipe Clean for best results use microfiber cloth Easy to clean - vacuum or use soap and water
Installation Tips: Helpful Installation videos available on our website. Wipe Clean for best results use microfiber cloth. Easily slides over steering wheel. Measure size of interior mats and carefully trim using scissors to desired size.

FH Group FB060114 Universal Fit Trendy Elegance Full Set Car Sea



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