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Ranking TOP3 Steamer Bombing free shipping for Clothes FUMORCLU Travel Garment 950W Handhel

Steamer for Clothes,FUMORCLU 950W Travel Garment Steamer,Handhel


Steamer for Clothes,FUMORCLU 950W Travel Garment Steamer,Handhel

Product Description

steamer for clothes

FUMORCLU Mini Travel Steamer for Clothes

With 950W powerful heater ,120ml detachable water tank provides 10 min continuous steam. It is hand-held with 2.4m extra-long cord for convenient steaming at home or travelling. Looking no more for rusty and inefficient borrowed irons at your travel destinations. Get this garment steamer to help making life and work easier.

clothing steamer
steamer for clothes

Steamer for Clothes,FUMORCLU 950W Travel Garment Steamer,Handhel



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