Home,for,/involucrate1525204.html,$223,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,1,Qric,grupoefo.com,Refrigerator,Outdoor,Office,Car,Mini,Auto,Picnic Home,for,/involucrate1525204.html,$223,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,1,Qric,grupoefo.com,Refrigerator,Outdoor,Office,Car,Mini,Auto,Picnic $223 Qric Mini Refrigerator for Auto Car Home Office Outdoor Picnic 1 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $223 Qric Mini Refrigerator for Auto Car Home Office Outdoor Picnic 1 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Qric Mini Refrigerator Max 67% OFF for Auto Car Outdoor Home Picnic Office 1 Qric Mini Refrigerator Max 67% OFF for Auto Car Outdoor Home Picnic Office 1

Qric Tulsa Mall Mini Refrigerator Max 67% OFF for Auto Car Outdoor Home Picnic Office 1

Qric Mini Refrigerator for Auto Car Home Office Outdoor Picnic 1


Qric Mini Refrigerator for Auto Car Home Office Outdoor Picnic 1

Product description

Product name: Mini refrigerator
Product external volume: 20.5x18.7x32.5cm
Product capacity: 4L
Product weight: 2kg
Applicable position: desktop/in car
Product color: as shown
Due to the difference in light and screen, the color of the item may be slightly different from the picture.
Due to manual measurement, please allow a difference of 1-3mm.

Qric Mini Refrigerator for Auto Car Home Office Outdoor Picnic 1



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