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GJYY U-Shaped Pillow Mobile Phone Holder, Mobile Phone Holder on


GJYY U-Shaped Pillow Mobile Phone Holder, Mobile Phone Holder on

Product description

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Comfortable neck protection, free hands
Second generation lazy cartoon
∪type pillow amp; mobile phone holder
Neck guard / chasing drama are both right
One piece to turn on lazy mode
Thicken design 360° support
360 ° maintenance of cervical spine
Adjustable mobile phone skateboard
Fit the back of the head to protect the ears from both sides

Product name: U-shaped pillow for the second-generation upgraded mobile phone holder
Style: Giraffe, Unicorn, Dinosaur
Material: Pillowcase: Super soft short velvet
Weight: 500g
Unfolded length: 75cm
U-shaped size: 30X30cm
Packing: Single OPP bag packing

Packing list: mobile phone holder U-shaped pillow*1

1. The product is taken in kind, and there may be slight chromatic aberration.
2. There may be 1-2cm error in manual measurement.
Your support is our greatest motivation; if you have any questions, you can email us and we will be happy to help you.

GJYY U-Shaped Pillow Mobile Phone Holder, Mobile Phone Holder on



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