Melhores Light Novels Isekai como O Eminence in Shadow (Título: “Melhores Light Novels Isekai similares a O Eminence in Shadow”)


  • Dive into Overlord for a dark, gritty experience with an overpowered protagonist and funny misunderstandings among his underlings.
  • Join Liam Sera Banfield in ‘I’m The Evil Lord Of An Intergalactic Empire!’ for a comedic fantasy journey filled with lucky coincidences.
  • Discover the tale of Chrono Mak in ‘Story of The Ancient Demon King!’ for a fresh take on the isekai genre with a protagonist training heroes to fight him.

With The Eminence In Shadow anime ending on a cliffhanger, fans were quick to catch up on its manga and light novel (LN). It ends in Chapter 47 of the manga and in the middle of Volume 4 of the LN. Plus, it has garnered massive love from the audience due to its various tropes that don’t take itself seriously at times.


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From the standard isekai trope of reincarnating to another world following the accident from the beloved ‘truck-kun’ to the overpowered protagonist, there is something for everyone. Fortunately, many other light novels share the same tropes that the readers can enjoy. The following titles share similar tropes as The Eminence In Shadow, which will keep fans occupied until season 3 arrives.

10 Overlord

Novel Updates Score: 4.5/5

Overlord main character momonga with his underlings

  • Author(s): Maruyama Kugane
  • Artist(s): So-bin
  • Status: 16 Volumes + 1 Side Story Volume (Ongoing)
  • English Publisher: Yen Press
  • Similarities: Overpowered Protagonist, Underlings, Misunderstandings

The story revolves around an avid gamer spending his time in the game ‘YGGDRASIL.’ Sadly, the servers are shutting down for good, and he chooses to spend the last few moments playing as his character ‘Momonga.’ Surprisingly, he finds that he and his entire guild, ‘Ainz Ooal Gown,’ have been transported into a new world. What follows next is his journey to find more information about the alternate world and ordering his underlings to do his bidding.


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Like The Eminence in Shadow, Overlord has a manga adaptation and anime as well. Fans of the series loved the callous nature of Momonga, which makes it a dark and gritty experience. However, the protagonist often finds himself at a crossroads, trying to play the overlord while keeping his human personality intact. Funnily, his underlings comically misinterpret his intentions and laud him for his actions.

9 I’m The Evil Lord Of An Intergalactic Empire!

Novel Updates Score: 4.3/5

I'm the evil lord of an intergalactic empire light novel cover illustration

  • Author(s): Mishima Yomu / Wai / わい/三嶋 与夢
  • Artist(s): Takamine Nadare / 高峰ナダレ
  • Status: 8 Volumes (Ongoing)
  • English Publisher: Seven Seas
  • Similarities: Overpowered Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Lucky Coincidences

Reborn as Liam Sera Banfield, the protagonist, aims to become an evil lord in a monarchic society. His past life had ended too soon, and he had lost everything. This new life promises a new journey with swords, magic, and even outer space! Although he wants to be an evil lord, everyone misunderstands him as righteous and virtuous.

There have been mixed reviews for the title despite its positive rating. But, interested readers should note that the plot should be taken with a grain of salt. It is comedy and fantasy first before anything else. It shares some of the tropes from The Eminence in Shadow and is greatly enjoyable. If people love the novel’s setting, they can also read ‘I’m the Heroic Knight of an Intergalactic Empire!’ which occurs in the same universe.

8 Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

Novel Updates Score: 4.0/5

trapped in a dating sim the world of otome games is tough for mobs anime main character and side characters

  • Author(s): Mishima Yomu / Wai / わい / 三嶋 与夢
  • Artist(s): Monda / 孟達
  • Status: 12 Volumes (Ongoing)
  • English Publisher: Seven Seas
  • Similarities: Protagonist As Background Character, Overpowered Underling

Reincarnated as Leon Fou Bartfort, an office worker finds himself in a dating sim game with a matriarchal society. From the same author as ‘I’m The Evil Lord Of An Intergalactic Empire!’ Leon has the added advantage of knowing all the future events. He had previously completed the game before the accident and had purchased an overpowered companion.

The novel explores his comedic journey to spark a revolution so that he can enjoy a quiet and easy life in the countryside. It also has a manga and anime adaptation. One of the main highlights of the novel is that the protagonist is easily relatable and intelligent about his actions. Plus, the playful banter with the other main and side characters is an enjoyable experience. Due to the plot’s convenience, the author does not fail to throw jabs at the ridiculous world of dating sims.

7 Story of The Ancient Demon King!

Novel Updates Score: 4.0/5

Story of the ancient demon king light novel illustration

  • Author(s): Ichiniisan / 壱兄さん
  • Artist(s): Dakunesu / だくねす
  • Status: 1 Volume (Ongoing)
  • English Publisher: N/A (Fan Translations)
  • Similarities: Overpowered Protagonist, Role-Playing, Misunderstanding

Losing his life in a tragic accident, the protagonist is reborn into a world of witchcraft and magic as Chrono Mak. He had longed for stories involving good and evil in his previous life. Unfortunately, no such thing existed in the new world. So, he takes it upon himself to act as a demon king to train heroes to fight him.

Many readers loved the story and protagonist for its similarity to Cid and Liam from The Eminence in Shadow and Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire. Chrono’s plan to become the ultimate demon king and fake his death at the hands of the hero is met with some great moments. Creating and training a hero to defeat him is a fresh new take on the isekai genre. One key difference from Shadow is that this novel focuses on how Chrono’s presence in the world has shaken its balance. It is guaranteed to satiate the reader’s itch left behind by The Eminence In Shadow.

6 Trash of the Count’s Family

Novel Updates Score: 4.5/5

Cale Henituse From Trash of the Counts Family

  • Author(s): Yu Ryeo Han / 유려한
  • Artist(s): anz8888 / PAN4
  • Status: 1065 Chapters (Web Novel) (Ongoing)
  • English Publisher: N/A (Fan Translations)
  • Similarities: Confident Protagonist, Powerful Underlings, Misunderstanding

Kim Rok Soo suddenly wakes up in the world of a novel he had been reading. He finds himself in the body of Cale Henituse, a minor villain in the novel. He takes it upon himself to try and change his fate by gaining the favor of powerful characters and increasing his power little by little.

The misunderstanding of the protagonist stems from the original personality of the body Kim is inhabiting. Everyone thinks he is a drunkard, which is why not many people take him seriously. Eventually, the protagonist leans into being the villain while involving himself in the main story. This results in the main story derailing further from its original plot line. Readers love the novel for its impeccable world-building and its detailed characters. Even the side characters have three-dimensional depth, making them memorable. Currently, it has a manhwa adaptation as well.

5 Reborn as a Space Mercenary: I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship!

Novel Updates Score: 3.9/5

reborn as a space mercenary i woke up piloting the strongest starship light novel illustration with main character

  • Author(s): Ryuto / リュート
  • Artist(s): Nabeshima Tetsuhiro / 鍋島 テツヒロ
  • Status: 12 Volumes (Ongoing)
  • English Publisher: Seven Seas
  • Similarities: Overpowered, Skilled and Confident Protagonist

The novel revolves around Satou Takahiro transmigrating to the world of his favorite video game. He wakes up as Hiro in one of the most notable spaceships in the world. Thankful for the new opportunity, he goes on to become a space mercenary and live his life to the fullest.

Voted as one of the excellent space isekai novels by its fans, this light novel sticks to its slice-of-life genre with a feel-good plot. The protagonist uses his previous life knowledge to work his way to the top, similar to Overlord, Trapped in a Dating Sim, and Trash of the Count’s Family. The other characters are well-fleshed out, and the main character is intelligent and confident in his skills. Plus, the author does a great job of making the overpowered protagonist likable without it being too over-the-top.

4 Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy

Novel Updates Score: 3.8/5

tsukimichi moonlit fantasy protagonist with side characters and dragon

  • Author(s): Azumi Kei / あずみ圭
  • Artist(s): Matsumoto Mitsuaki
  • Status: 19 Volumes (Ongoing)
  • English Publisher: Hanashi Media
  • Similarities: Overpowered Protagonist, Underlings

Misumi Makoto finds that his parents are from another world who had contracted with the Goddess for him to travel to that world. But, the Goddess wasn’t too thrilled to find that he had average looks that she considered ugly. She also kicks him out to the edge of the world, but he is saved by his Earth’s God, Tsukuyomi. The kind God grants him a different power before falling into a deep slumber, which marks the start of the protagonist’s journey. It also has a manga and anime adaptation, and season 2 is currently being released.


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Following the isekai trope, the protagonist discovers he is overpowered from the moment he sets foot in the new world. Plus, he quickly takes in two powerful underlings and various species of beasts under him within the first few weeks. The novel has a good plot, with the protagonist gradually growing into an exemplary character. The underlings are funny and constantly messing up stuff here and there. The protagonist also tries to stay away from war and politics to find a way back to his original world. Unfortunately, the Goddess and fate have other plans in store for him.

3 Am I Actually the Strongest?

Novel Updates Score: 3.3/5

am i actually the strongest anime main character with his sister and underling

  • Author(s): Sumimori Sai / すみもりさい / 澄守彩
  • Artist(s): Takahashi Ai / 高橋愛
  • Status: 6 Volumes (Ongoing)
  • English Publisher: Kodansha USA
  • Similarities: Overpowered Protagonist, Misunderstanding, Lucky Coincidences

The story revolves around a super NEET character reborn as a prince into a fantasy world. Due to some misunderstanding, everybody thinks he is weak and abandons him in the woods when, in actuality, he is overpowered. He quickly grasps his current scenario and experiments with his magic to learn more about it. Later, he makes a powerful beast into his underling by acting as the demon lord. Taken in by Gold Zenfis, he grows up on the secluded side of the kingdom.

The protagonist may be overpowered, but he has ZERO interest in doing anything about it. But, his cute little sister is the character that shares the ‘chunibyo’ trait with Cid from Shadow. She gets even more influenced by anime series when the protagonist re-establishes an internet connection with his original world. The novel currently has a low score due to its poor translations. Plus, fans of the series recommend reading its manga adaptation as the story is better portrayed in it. The novel has also received an anime adaptation in 2023.

2 Strange Grief Wants to Retire ~ The Weakest Hunter Dreams of a Hero ~

Novel Updates Score: 3.9/5

strange grief wants to retire the weakest hunter dreams of a hero light novel illustration

  • Author(s): Tsukikage / 槻影
  • Artist(s): Chyko / チーコ
  • Status: 11 Volumes (Ongoing)
  • English Publisher: J-Novel Club / Sol Press
  • Similarities: Misunderstanding, Misinterpretation of Protagonist’s Words/Action

In a world where treasure tools grant special powers, Krai finds that everyone but himself is a talented treasure hunter. Although he wishes to live a life of peace and simplicity, his childhood friends do not make it easy for him. They string him along with them as their leader, not knowing he has no special powers.

Although the novel is not an isekai, fans love it for its similarity to Overlord and The Eminence in Shadow. The protagonist does not want to participate in his friend’s adventures and wishes to stay in one piece. Plus, he has to pretend to be their leader while always looking for ways to survive. Readers also love it for its fresh and original world-building and humor.

1 There Was No Secret Organization to Fight the World’s Darkness, so I Made One (In Exasperation)

Novel Updates Score: 4.2/5

there was no secret organization to fight with the world’s darkness so i made one (in exasperation) light novel illustration

  • Author(s): Kurodome Hagane / 黒留ハガネ
  • Artist(s): Cut / Katto / カット
  • Status: 2 Volumes (Axed) / 133 WN Chapters (Completed)
  • English Publisher: J-Novel Club
  • Similarities: Overpowered Protagonist, Secret Organization

Sago Kinemitsu suddenly wakes up with superpowers out of nowhere in the modern world. His excitement is short-lived as he soon discovers nobody is targeting him for his powers. No dimensional gates appear, and he is not transported to a new world. What’s more, nobody else gains any superpowers either! He soon graduates from school and works a regular job without any events occurring around him. Ultimately, he decides that if no such organization exists, he will build one himself!

The novel is another non-isekai entry similar to The Eminence In Shadow. The protagonist quickly gathers other underlings within his organization that accept his ‘chunibyo’ narrative. Ultimately, he begins controlling other people’s lives to his liking and does his bidding. Unlike other novels in the list, the protagonist sits at the center of this story. He is an active character without whom the world would not experience any events. He is the driving force and star of his own narrative, which makes this novel a true gem.


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