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Smart Watch for Men Compatible online shop mart iPhone Samsung CUBOT C3 Wat IP68

Smart Watch for Men Compatible iPhone Samsung, CUBOT C3 IP68 Wat


Smart Watch for Men Compatible iPhone Samsung, CUBOT C3 IP68 Wat

Product Description

Smart wath for men
Supported languages 9 languages ​​( English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Chinese)
Basic functions Music player, Heart rate monitor, Reminder, Fitness tracker, Sleep monitoring, Pedometer, Messages, Calls
Sports functions Outdoor walking, Running, Outdoor riding, Indoor cycling, Hiking, Fitness, Elliptical machine, Stepping machine, Rowing machine
Notifications Calls, sedentary reminder, SMS, app, reminder, low battery, extremely low battery.
Other functions Stopwatch, timer, firmware information, music control.
Gestures Rotate your wrist and the screen will automatically light up; the screen turns off automatically when the arm is suspended.

Smart Watch for Men Compatible iPhone Samsung, CUBOT C3 IP68 Wat

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