Todas as novas funcionalidades chegando para celulares Android, relógios e TVs este ano.

# Google’s I/O Developer Conference: Day Two Recap

**Google** concluded its second day of the annual I/O developer conference with a strong focus on **updates** to the **Android ecosystem**. Recently, the company made a significant move by merging all its hardware teams, including the **Pixel devices**, with the **Android platforms**. This consolidation encompasses everything powered by **Android** and **Chrome OS** as well.

## Android 15 and Wear OS 5 Updates

The latest announcements from Google cover enhancements across the entire ecosystem, ranging from **Android 15** to **Wear OS 5**. These updates bring a range of new features and improvements that will impact **Android** users worldwide.

### Android’s Top New Features

One of the standout features in **Android 15** is the introduction of **Private Space**, a secure area where users can hide and lock certain apps behind biometric authentication. This feature ensures complete privacy for sensitive information, protecting it from unauthorized access.

### Theft Detection Lock

Another noteworthy feature, not exclusive to **Android 15**, is the **Theft Detection Lock**. This function uses **Google AI** to identify potential theft scenarios and automatically locks the device to prevent access to private data. By leveraging **on-device** artificial intelligence, Google enhances the security measures against fraud and phishing attempts.

### Google Wallet Enhancements

Google Wallet is receiving an update that will make it less restrictive for users to add various digital passes, such as parking passes, library cards, and auto insurance cards. Users can simply snap a photo of their physical passes and upload them to Google Wallet for instant access.

## Google’s Mixed Reality Headset Tease

In addition to the **Android** updates, **Google** also teased its upcoming **Mixed Reality Headset** in collaboration with **Samsung** and **Qualcomm**. While the development progress was not disclosed at the conference, a new **augmented reality** experience using **Google Maps** was hinted at. This feature will allow users to access **AR content** when searching for specific locations, providing an immersive and interactive experience.

Stay tuned for more updates on **Google’s** continuous efforts to improve the **Android** ecosystem and deliver innovative technologies to users worldwide.

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